Democratizing Contraception

YourChoice Therapeutics is revolutionizing contraceptives for men and women by developing novel non-hormonal contraceptive products and bringing them to market.


Our technology is the result of a decade of research at the University of California, Berkeley and has been published in numerous high-impact journals.



The Problem:

The majority of contraceptives on the market today are designed to be used by women and nearly every option is hormone-based. Side effects and other complications cause 40% of women to discontinue contraceptive use within the first year.

Our Solution:

After ~10 years of research at UC Berkeley, we're bringing a non-hormonal contraceptive to market. The plant-derived compound lupeol targets the sperm progesterone receptor ABHD2 and prevents sperm from drilling through the outer protective layers of the egg.

Our Mission:

Family planning is associated with fewer children and adults living at the poverty line. The mission of YourChoice Therapeutics is to improve the lives of women, men, and their families by developing family planning options that are hormone-free, safer, easier, and effective.

naturally occuring

Derived from fruit, vegetables, and medicinal plants


Lupeol prevents sperm cells from developing the progesterone-induced drilling mode

Developed at uc berkeley

We discovered ABHD2 as the sperm progesterone receptor and lupeol as a non-hormonal plant-derived inhibitor resulting from ~10 years of research